Who is teddy dating on 90210


Trevor and Kerry are extremely low key and discreet. They are soul mates and have the same passions for social justice, outdoor sports and animals', the family member told Mail Online.

Trying times: Kennedy was arrested for driving under the influence after she crashed her SUV in 2012.

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It didn’t quite feel as intimate to me as it should have.

“In some ways, Teddy puts his foot back in the closet.

It’s after the fact that he comes out to all of his friends, and now he’s regretting it. It’s kind of a player-being-played moment.” Following his break-up with Ian, Teddy will have a rebound fling with a former prep school classmate, Tripp (Alan Ritchson) while on spring break.”I’ve never stood there and had to kiss someone my same height,” Teddy recalled, adding that he’s known Alan for a while. That was pretty odd for me, but we’re both very professional.” He may be single after tonight’s episode, but it won’t be all one-night stands for Teddy.

We don’t know about you, but as much as we’d like to say we’re surprised that the CW decided to ax “90210”—the reboot of the original ’90s hit—after five seasons, we’re really not. According to the CW network’s president Mark Pedowitz, the series finale will air in May.

However, while we’re aware “90210” isn’t the work of geniuses, we’re not ashamed to admit it had its moments: It was soapy and entertaining, pleasantly mindless, and it got marginally better after season 1—a rarity in these types of shows.

Ian does “betray” Teddy, which ultimately leads to their split, but Trevor assures us we won’t hate Ian when the hour is up.

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