Updating eee pc 701


This tutorial isn’t a guide how to install, but how to make it fit comfortably under 4 GB.The first thing I did was hop on my wife Windows laptop and grab n Lite.The First Hack: Adding Programs One simple (simple for some users comfortable with using a text editor) way to add programs such as Gimp is to gain root access to the console, edit a file, and tell it to install the program.Below are the step-by-step instrucions: Click on the “Work” tab and open the file manager.It’s not exactly a speed demon, but it’s significantly faster than the processor that came with the Eee PC 701.For the most part, laptop processors aren’t meant to be upgraded and using a hot air gun like this could cause some serious damage. But it’s nice to see someone breathing new life into the first netbook.We also wanted to touch on upgrading the Eee PC, since its stock configuration doesn’t really have as much ram as what you would want for more stressing software.

Anyway, I am lucky enough to have a USB DVD drive, otherwise the process is a little more complicated, with the need to transfer the Windows CD to a USB drive and install slightly differently.

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You Tube user Red Fathom pointed a hot air gun at the bottom of the motherboard to loosen the original chip, pull it off, and replace it with a new processor.

The replacement chip is a 1.6 GHz Intel Pentium M LV 778.

Fast forward to late 2012, and I was given an Eee PC 701 for my son.

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