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Edit: just realized this post is several months old, but better late than never I guess .

Criss If you had searched for this, you would have found an existing answer for 90 days... Use an ISO date which is like this 2017-02-22 and works with HTML5 date input fields. I did search the forum and tested several scripts before posting here.

The new date will be displayed in an string in an text area.

Mockup here: https://i.imgsafe.org/367d6e2761Steps: 1. User will enter start date (preferably in a format that will be easier for user to pick - from a Java Script calendar or as in the image attached) 2.

i.e I know on calendar that the 3rd week of year 08 falls in the month of January and the monday of the 3rd week is the 21th.

Hence my final conversion must look like that: 14-Jan-08.

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