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Utilizamos las cookies para ayudar a personalizar contenido, adaptar y medir los anuncios, y facilitar una experiencia más segura.Al hacer clic o navegar en el sitio, aceptas que recopilemos información dentro y fuera de Facebook mediante las cookies.But some of these illusions were due for demolition anyway. Its leaders, most crucially Paul Ryan and Mitch Mc Connell, remained steadfast to their candidate through Election Day, undeterred by his blatant racism and nativism, his history of sexual assaults, his affinity for Vladimir Putin, or his embrace of an anti-Semitic and white-supremacist alt-right movement.What makes this election soul-sickening is how it has crushed our most romantic ideals about America itself. They will remain Trump’s toadies once he inhabits the White House — or at least until he inevitably sends them packing to install even more slavish lieutenants. It has cynically exploited the backlash to the civil-rights and feminist movements for more than half a century.From heavy dramas to lighthearted coming-of-age comedies, these understated gems need a spot on your queue.Of course, if you can't find what you're looking for, be sure to click through our other lists of the best action movies, comedies, and horror movies, all streaming right now.Tired of overproduced, studio-manufactured films produced just to make a quick buck?

We’ve lost a lot of illusions during the resistible rise of Donald Trump.

World Young Reader Prize winning strategies are celebrated and shared as they benefit not only the media companies and their young audiences but also society as a whole.

Starting in 2017, WAN-IFRA reconfigured its awards for innovation in youth-related actions and established a special category of the Digital Media Awards.

Had I known, I would never have consented to a sexual relationship with a married man, let alone a man who was actively having relations with multiple women simultaneously.

His behaviour was premeditated, yet the current law will not find his actions a criminal offence.

If this man had 'asked' me for money, he would have committed a criminal offence under the fraud act.

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