Hairy men dating site


Even during the most tender moments, when we're resting cradled in our man's arms, chest hair invokes a rugged, carnal desire to get down and dirty with each other.You haven't really lived until you've dated a man with a hairy chest.To his surprise, 70 people showed interest within a week.“I felt like my bluff had been called,” he says, and so he got busy launching a website and app. Bloggers helped spread the word, and membership has doubled every month, he says.Kat Kissick has preferred bearded men for as long as she can remember. “And if I end up making out with someone with a beard, that’s OK too.”Kissick is far from alone in her predilection for scruffy gentlemen; she’s one of 60,000 people around the world, from Iceland to Iraq, who have signed up for Bristlr since its launch last October.“It’s a personality indicator that maybe this man likes to have fun, maybe they’re creative, maybe they’re just trying to express their individuality,” says Kissick, 40, who lives in St. So when she saw a Facebook post a few weeks ago about Bristlr, a dating website and app for men with beards and the people attracted to those men, she signed up without hesitation. At Bristlr’s helm is John Kershaw, a bearded, 28-year-old software developer who lives in Manchester, England.

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My, and numerous women's, obsession with hairy men is nothing new.

But whether or not you like hairy guys, it turns out that a lot of women prefer them, especially men with facial hair. Hairy guys can keep you warm at night, won't judge you if you decide to grow your hair out, and are super masculine.

If long hair isn't your thing, what about a hairy chest or facial hair? Females may perceive hair as a marker for parasite-free health.

Most users come from the United States and United Kingdom; membership is also strong in Brazil, France, Canada and the Netherlands.

Around 4,000 people are active on the service each day, 47 percent of whom register as having beards.

And from there – pubes stopping half way down your legs? Also known as – the hairier the chest the better the sex. 4) Heaven scent Hairiness helps to increase the sexy scent of a man.

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