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They were married for the wrong reason.” Georges said she is happy to be able to help people like this, and she thinks the service can be really beneficial to Greek-Americans, as well as Greeks.

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This manifestation of love has been evident in the multitude of meaningful programs and activities undertaken during the seventy years of its existence. It is my understanding that the Greek Orthodox Church is one of the stricter churches.He would have to speak with his priest regrading the circumstances. Is it that he doesn’t want to be removed from the body of the church? Does anyone have any experience with a situation lik this? All my best, Robin Schwartz Network Director Interfaith You are not the first one to post this dilemma, as I have answered this question before. Someone had suggested they find a renegade Greek Orthodox priest to co-officiate with a rabbi. Of course when he shows up to church with my daughter, or if they want to raise their children Greek Orthodox, they would find out he wasn’t married in the church and the “jig is up”. I can’t answer your question, but can tell you that you are not the first person posting on the Interfaith discussion boards about the challenges of a Jewish- Greek Orthodox intermarriage.The Athens office has existed since 2004, and all staff members are licensed psychologists and certified relationship coaches.

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