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They said the focus of tackling sexual harassment should be on the perpetrators rather than potential victims.

On Thursday, a 26-year-old Algerian man was charged with sexual assault and theft in relation to the incidents in Cologne.

4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2010 and has sold 4.1 million downloads, according to Nielsen Sound Scan.

In April 2012, we had the chance visiting Singapore for about 10 days.

El show se transmitió casi una década después de que Trump invitó a reporteros a observar cómo Machado hacía ejercicios después de que ella, según Trump, "aumentó masivamente de peso".

La más reciente lluvia de tuits es un recordatorio de cómo Trump parece incapaz de contenerse y sigue arrastrando a su campaña a territorio desfavorable, aun cuando faltan menos de 40 días para las elecciones.

There was controversy in some quarters over a perceived cover-up because of the alleged ethnicity of the attackers, described by many witnesses as of North African or Arab appearance.

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More than 1,100 criminal complaints were received in relation to the events New Year’s Eve in Cologne, including over 480 accusations of sexual assault. That, in turn, made him late in flying to the Bahamas for a private concert. You have to cut the guy some slack: What should have been a one-day video shoot in the Dominican Republic for new single "Bailando" turned into one of those improvisatory, "guerrilla style" videos, says Iglesias, that evolved into two days, then three."That was the first title that came to my head," explains Iglesias. ' But it's the two things that - no matter what language, religion, culture - join us all together."There were times I questioned myself: 'Is it too direct? Sex and love are the two things that we can all relate to." The album veers from the more blatant "I'm a Freak" (featuring Pitbull) to the loving "Beautiful" (with Kylie Minogue) and Spanish-language single "El Perdedor" (featuring Marco Antonio Solis) - the lattermost peaking at No.Los asesores de Trump le han implorado enfocarse en atacar a Clinton sobre su fundación, su sistema de correo electrónico o sobre su largo pasado como figura establecida en el estamento político, pero esas críticas se diluyen cada vez que Trump desata otra controversia.

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