Eurocontrol route validating


This is a comprehensive tool, currently totally free to private pilots, which does Eurocontrol route generation and flight plan filing.

This flight plan filing procedure could involve a lengthy wait at the airport - usually the last thing one wishes to do on the day of departure.

Most significantly, Garmin Pilot now offers Eurocontrol auto routing and flight plan filing.

While US pilots may simply file “direct to,” that’s rarely an option in the complex airspace of continental Europe.

As the internet became popular, the main preflight functions moved de-facto wholly to the internet: weather, notams, airport information, etc and private pilots started looking for a means of filing a flight plan electronically.

It was developed in the 1950s and originally used the ancient Telex network; this heritage shows in the huge range of abbreviations developed for practically everything to do with aviation.

Fore Flight introduced worldwide maps last summer, and Garmin has offered worldwide weather and European charts for some time.

Garmin continues their rapid development pace in 2017, with a variety of new features introduced this week in conjunction with both the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in in the US and the Aero Friedrichshafen show in Germany.

Further progress is being made in ongoing SESAR work programme projects.

During the SESAR Development Phase the detailed technical communications solutions are being further defined and validated taking into account the applicable civil-military interoperability requirements.

That beta version is time limited to the end of August.

Depending on the feedback, there might be a full commercial release later this year.

At latest count, these restrictions fill 460 pages in the Jeppesen manuals and are impossible to take into account manually.

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