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One question was on everyone’s mind this weekend: How would President Donald Trump react to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

Even though he skipped the event in favor of a rally in Pennsylvania, all eyes were on him, waiting to see how he’s handle an event that consistently is used as a sort of roast for the president.

Of course, the more Minhaj makes fun of Trump, the more angry tweets we’re bound to see from the president, which will surely put this already insulting speech to shame.

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Read Post » Coming up with the perfect Christmas present for your significant other can be daunting, especially when you've been dating such a short time that you're not quite familiar with the eccentricities of his or her music taste but you still want to impress with an unexpectedly thoughtful and insightful gift that will buy you a few more weeks, at least. I mean, what is dating if not extremely, completely, horrendously, desperately personal?

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