Dating paperweights


Date Range: 1938– 1971 Joe and his young bride Ellen remained in Elwood to build a modest structure in the backyard of the family home on N. The simple metal clad frame building was equipped with a one ton glass day tank and the barest of glass furnishing equipment that had been discarded from nearby glass factories.Joe continued developing and practicing his ideas with the help of his Aunt Marie Hirsch and Uncle Joe Carroll. Clair's were re-united and began to fulfill the long time dream of producing handmade art glass.The lettering is set off by two red white and blue colored stripes.

We currently offer 1 months interest free credit on every item we sell with a 10% deposit payable upfront.

The liability for any damage incurred during transit will remain with the sender and all items dispatched by us will be sent fully insured.

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In most glass manufacturing houses of that era employees were encouraged to practice, invent, improve and create after regular working hours.

John returned night after night to perfect the art which was a part of his native country’s culture. Clair sons went with their father to watch and learn the techniques that have become the time honored, intricate flower design. Clair's moved to Dunbar, West Virginia, except their son Joe.

Humble Beginnings: 1888-1938 It was in 1888 that John and Rosalie St.

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