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After two years of idleness, Russell was anxious to become again involved in a career.

His family persuaded him to return permanently to Greenfield which was rapidly growing with abundant commercial opportunities.

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After some initial poor seasons, he was quite successful, and after twelve years had accumulated sufficient money that he could have retired.I think I have now finally understood what "irreducibly complex" really means: a statement, fact or event so simple it cannot be simplified any further, but still too complex to be grasped by a creationist.There is a slightly different definition of "irreducible complexity" related to emergent phenomena in systems theory and computational complexity theory.This separate foundry was named Birmingham Stove & Range.Many of the original records from Atlanta Stove Works have been lost, especially because the original factory burned down in 1915 and was re-built. And did you know that cells are really, really complicated? Specifically, it argues that if you take a part away from an organism and it stops functioning (analogous to taking the engine out of a car) then it must be irreducibly complex and cannot have evolved.

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