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I'm a feminist but I've realized that I like being called a slut and whore while I'm having sex with my boyfriend. Am I being a bad feminist by engaging in these scenes or should I not think about it so much?

I think that we tend to work out issues from our outside lives in the bedroom.

The study design will employ a two-arm randomized controlled trial where girls will be enrolled at the same time and randomized to receive a basic package of services, which includes life skills education and access to mentors in safe spaces, or the basic package plus a structured parenting intervention for girls' caregivers.

Uptake of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in the UK is good, but there are pockets of the community who remain unprotected.

Immunisation teams usually require written parental consent for a girl to receive the vaccine.

Sometimes, it even ends up turning the other one on and it might aid a little bit.

But if it's happening to the point of disrupting your sleep patterns, then that's more of a problem.

Evidence suggests that uptake of the vaccine might be improved by promoting consent form return (if returned, forms are likely to grant consent).

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