Alec su and ruby lin dating david deangelo advanced series dating bonuses


, Ruby Lin (林心如) and Weber Yang (楊一展) have reportedly carried their onscreen romance over to real life.

As the pairing is very popular with viewers, rumors that Ruby and Weber are together have been running rampant since the show’s debut.

See also: When Ruby Lin was present at good friend Vivian Hsu's nuptials in Bali, ideas to steal from Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu's wedding at the Ayana Resort & Spa in Bali, and when news first broke of Wallce and Ruby's relationship.

, she gained immerse popularity, as compared to Jimmy who suffered a dip in his popularity after being discharged from his military service.

They had feelings for each other over the years, but it was never the right time, because one or the other would be dating someone else, said the report.

As good friends, they have been to each other's family gatherings, and Lin's father was once curious to know why she had never considered dating the sensible and polite Huo.

She followed the success with other hit series including The Duke of Mount Deer (2000), Romance in the Rain (2001), Boy & Girl (2003), Affair of Half a Lifetime (2004), Beauty's Rival in Palace (2010), The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (2011) and The Way We Were (2014).

Since 2010, Lin has been producing TV dramas and TV films starring herself, both in mainland China and Taiwan.

Photo: Weibo TAIPEI • After dating for six months and less than two months after announcing their romance, television stars Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo confirmed yesterday that they will wed in Bali on July 31, said Apple Daily.At the end of the meal, Weber got the bill and drove Ruby home.In response to these photos, Weber’s manager stated that it was just two friends meeting up. This is not the first time that Ruby and Weber showed signs of dating.Huo, 36, and Lin, 40, are said to have got together at her birthday party in January, after being friends for 10 years.After they announced their romance on May 20, they began planning their wedding, said the report.Her first TV commercial was for Jasmine Tea in 1994. After appearing in many commercials, her parents finally agreed to allow her to sign a contract with an entertainment-management company.

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